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Eco Friendly Containers

Cermer, ecology and a way of thinking.

Icons of Fire, Soil and Wate, the three natural elements of Ceramics

After three decades of innovation we have reached an extraordinary respect and passion for ceramics and nature. Our clay food containers are the result of the interactions between three natural elements: Fire, Soil, and Water.

Our eco friendly food packaging is 95% made of clay which comes from a quarry located in a ceramic hub in the Iberian peninsula. The <clay is an abundant raw material which extraction process has a very low environmental impact and lead and cadmium free.
Icon of clay transportation from a quarry in a ceramic hub
Examples of recyclable and reusable ceramic food storage
Nowadays our society is committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, your brand and our containers are the perfect match.
Cermer ceramic food packaging is recyclable and totally reusable: oven, freezer and microwave save.
Consumers are very pleased reusing the pots for other purposes such as fancy kitchenware and tableware, pencil cubes, small flowerpots…
Recycling ceramics is a simple, cheap and non-polluting process. Containers are reduced to powder and could be used for road and pathway construction among other. Check your local recycling options, each program is unique.
Ceramic containers are reduced to powder and used for road and pathway construction
Ceramic containers are ocean-friendly and not harmful to marine life
Ceramic containers are ocean-friendly. Thanks to their inert nature they do not release any type of contaminant.
We take care of the environment by using raw materials that are not harmful to marine life.