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A success story: Cermer’s new Enterprise Resource Planning

After nearly two years of investment in a new enterprise resource planning system, Cermer has successfully completed the implementation of our SAP software. This achievement is part of the strategic decision to continually improve all production processes and customer care.

The challenge of continuous improvement

A core strength in Cermer's business strategy is the need for continuous improvement in all processes, from the production of our ceramic containers to marketing and customer service. As a result, it is essential to see in detail and in real-time the status of every department.

Soraya Dionís Castellar, Financial Director at Cermer, led this complex SAP implementation project. She was very insistent that an accurate analysis of all business activity can only be carried out through a platform that integrates all information generated in the company. 

“In recent years, we have experienced a change in business culture at Cermer. New processes require new systems for optimal planning of business resources. For us, SAP software is the ideal tool for financial management, quality control, commercial activity, and the entire workflow in all our departments."
A success story: Cermer’s new Enterprise Resource Planning

The integration of different databases in a single program saves time and costs and allows a real-time analysis of the status of all Cermer activities.

The implementation of SAP has meant a significant improvement in internal communication. With this in mind, Soraya highlights the importance of everyone speaking the same language. 

“It was quite a challenge, because we realized that there were different terms used depending on the department when referring to the same concept or object. Not only have we managed to centralize all information, but we also have consolidated our terminology across the board, which has considerably improved the way we communicate with each other at Cermer.”
A success story: Cermer’s new Enterprise Resource Planning

Data for better management in real-time

Guillem Cabedo, Purchasing Department Specialist at Cermer, was also involved in implementing SAP software at Cermer. 

"SAP has allowed us to incorporate new variables to better analyze and evaluate processes, which allows us to draw conclusions about their correct operation and check if certain implemented measures are valid or, on the contrary, can be improved." 

Collecting and comparing information that any department needed to carry out their tasks before was a significant investment in time and effort. Cermer can now access data as important as the production cycle time (the speed with which a piece goes through all phases of production), the manufacturing route of a particular product or the availability of raw materials or products on a single platform.
The benefits of a resource planning system certainly have a direct impact on customer service. SAP functionalities allow Cermer to anticipate customer needs and achieve a better level of service. Saving time leads to increase productivity and enables us to meet the commitments that we maintain with our customers.
A success story: Cermer’s new Enterprise Resource Planning

The incorporation of new variables to evaluate the production process helps to maintain a high-quality standard.

Cermer's investment in a new business planning system was not only a challenge but also a professional experience.  Soraya maintains, “This has allowed me to see how all areas at Cermer are connected, and I am able to question certain realities and then detect problems and solve them."

For Guillem, his vision of the company is now very different: "SAP software allows us all to see Cermer from a global perspective and has ended the notion that departments are separate entities.”

Today, almost two years after the start of the project, the entire Cermer staff is involved in nurturing this management system. Through training sessions and e-learning programs, the operation of SAP is already a reality at Cermer and undoubtedly a success story.