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Cermer at Natural Products Expo West

Cermer didn’t want to miss this golden opportunity to showcase our sustainable and environmentally friendly products at the industry's leading trade fair for natural, organic and healthy products. Have a look at the trends that are shaping the future within this sector.

Wellbeing and Sustainability

From March 8 to 12, the Anaheim Convention Center in California once again hosted the trade fair Expo West, an essential reference for all those seeking the most groundbreaking products in organic and natural foods, clean beauty, food packaging and home products. More than 3,500 companies and around 60,000 attendees, a large majority of them buyers, took advantage of learning firsthand about all the latest developments and trends in sustainable and environmentally friendly products. 
And it is no coincidence that the event adds edition after edition to more and more enthusiasts. According to the New Hope Network’s Nutrition Business Journal, the natural and organic industry is forecast to surpass $300 billion in sales by 2023 and $400 billion by 2030. It is a trend that clearly demonstrates that both producers and consumers are looking and moving towards wellbeing, sustainability, and social responsibility. Ethan Soloviev, Chief Innovation Officer at HowGood, the world’s largest sustainability database, says: “SPINS data finds that 70% of consumers will pay more for premium, sustainable, climate-friendly products…and 80% want brands to educate them more on climate issues.”
Cermer at Natural Products Expo West
This boom in demand is good news for the sector. Sustainable product brands are increasingly looking for ways to differentiate themselves, which leads to a high level of innovation in offering consumers solutions according to their ecological awareness.
Of course, at Cermer, respect for the environment is a key corporate value and being at Expo West is part of our goal to build a sustainable future. Together!

The rising tide of public concern for the environment also translates into a growing demand for sustainable goods.

Cermer at Natural Products Expo West

Plant-based continues uphill 

So, what are the main trends at this year’s edition of Expo West?
Scott Dicker, data analyst at SPINS, highlights, "Plant-based has certainly been one of the biggest trends that we've seen in the industry over the past five years, and we are continuing to see it grow." He also says that the concept of plant-based food as a claim is not enough anymore. It is important to continue innovating in textures, flavors and improving nutritional parity with animal-based analogs. 
Cermer at Natural Products Expo West
Ahead of the curve of innovation is without a doubt this year's king of clean ingredients: Oats! Being popular for a long time, their sheer versatility allows them to be used in endless recipes. Other products that attracted a lot of attention during the fair were Liquid Vegan Pizza Mozzarella made with cashew milk or plant-based seafood using ingredients such as konjac powder or root vegetable starch. Asian inspired flavors such as calamansi, yuzu and lychee, which contain no added artificial flavors or preservatives, are also the ones to watch in 2022. Other notable highlights of the show include low sugar and salt solutions and functional beverages for gut microbiome health.

Higher quality ingredients with lower impact sourcing and higher nutritional benefits are key for most organic and sustainable brands that will continue paving the way for responsible consumption.

Cermer at Natural Products Expo West

Waste Reduction

One of the most pressing issues amongst brands with which Cermer has coincided at Expo West is waste reduction. There is great interest in food packaging which moves away from single-use solutions, favoring reuse over recycling. Not just in the innovation of sustainable food, food packaging is not far behind in offering food producers an alternative that represents the values and characteristics of the product inside. Our containers are packaging, kitchenware and tableware all in one. After their first use as packaging, our earthenware will become everyday tableware and kitchenware to prepare delicious home-made recipes.
Cermer at Natural Products Expo West

Cermer offers a genuinely natural, inert and long-lasting product helping reduce waste generation.

Expo West is not only a showcase for companies that present sustainable products but also a pioneering event that teaches how to organize a trade fair in an environmentally friendly way. Within its Sustainability Program, the organization has eliminated plastic single-use water bottles, and we were delighted to see that staff meals were served on china and accompanied with silverware. Other events such as the Fresh Ideas Organic Marketplace, an outdoor event on the latest organic brands or The Joy of Plant-Based Eating, a keynote hosted by compelling influencer Tabitha Brown demonstrate that Expo West has become a cross-sector event of reference.