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For your seasonal gathering to become an authentic experience during the upcoming holidays, it is important to consider many details: from tableware and decorations to set the table, to the dishes we serve for our guests. Here we have put together some ideas.

Get started

There are just a few days left to enjoy some well-deserved holidays where you can enjoy lunches, afternoon snacks and dinners around a table with family and friends. It is the moment to bring out the host that we all carry inside and surprise everyone with an original well-set table and an unforgettable menu. Natural decorative elements, Christmas tablecloths and napkins, along with ceramic tableware to serve and share original recipes, are just some of our tips so that your seasonal table becomes a standout this year. Naturally, our ceramic containers will be the center of attention.
It all starts with a good atmosphere. Before trying the first bites from your menu, make sure the table is eye-catching. Natural touches are always a safe bet. Adorn your table with a natural linen tablecloth or napkins, no matter if you love the classy white or whether you prefer classic seasonal colors like green and red. Small vases or some of our ceramic pots brimming with evergreen branches or a handmade garland with fresh greenery can now then be placed in the center of the table. Be sure to add some pinecones and bring the winter forest to your dining room.

What would a seasonal table be without candles? You can use our ceramic jars to light floating candles. Simply fill the containers with water and place a long burning floating candle inside.

For your merry gathering, floating candles look fabulous on a seasonal table and can be easily prepared in any of our ceramic containers.


Choosing the right menu

Now that the table is set, it is time to head to the kitchen and start preparing the dishes you have chosen for your menu. If you want to move away from traditional recipes and experiment with something new, this is the time. Why not design a menu with small portions that allow you to enjoy numerous delicacies? Perhaps mushroom potpies, baked orzo with fontina or a simple ham and cheese souffle? There are plenty of starters you can easily prepare at home in single-serve pots that are oven-safe and which can be placed directly on the table, ready to be enjoyed by your guests. 

Choose a color that best matches the decoration of your table. Like every year, there are holiday color trends that are typically influenced by the fashion industry. This season it’s all about dark blues, reds, golds and greens that would perfectly fit your nature-inspired table dressing. Alternatively, you can always opt for warm shades of terracotta in case you want to highlight the natural origin of ceramics. 

Ceramic containers can be reused endless times as tableware, and their variety of colors allow them to blend in with any meal.

If you still have doubts about whether to prepare a menu consisting of different dishes, here we have more suggestions that prove ceramic containers are a must-have for your kitchen. Why not try onion soup with meatballs, mole-style pork pie or a beef and vegetable casserole? Don´t forget seasonal desserts like warm lemon or orange puddings and berry crumbles! Just pick your favorite ceramic jars and ramekins and dress your table for the season. Happy Holidays!