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Our environmental and social commitment

The Castellón Chamber of Commerce awarded the Accord Quality Award 2021 to Cermer for its environmental commitment and its corporate culture that promotes equality and social inclusion. It’s one more reason to keep innovating in the manufacture of our sustainable ceramic containers in an environment of great social quality.

A success story within the ceramic sector

At Cermer, we are very proud to have been awarded the Accord Quality Award 2021. This award was created to publicly recognize those companies that have developed solid practices in the field of social and environmental quality. 
Since 2005, the Castellón Chamber of Commerce has chaired these awards and continues to lead this initiative today. The jury has valued Cermer's ability to combine and enhance tradition and innovation to propose a sustainable product as an alternative to other forms of packaging. Likewise, they have highlighted our social commitment and respect for solid practices in the field of social quality promoting equal opportunities and social inclusion. 

The recognition of Cermer's good business practices is an incentive to continue working for a business culture that respects the environment and ensures social equality.

Our environmental and social commitment

Our equality plan

There cannot be a business culture where equality is not the key element in people management. To effectively establish this corporate value, Cermer has implemented an equality plan that aims to guarantee that anyone within the Cermer team is entitled to the same opportunities as one another and that any form of discrimination that may exist based on this plan is thus avoided. 

With this in mind, we have created an Equality Commission that ensures compliance with the rights of personal, family and work life within the entire workforce. The equal balance of participation of women and men in all areas, as well as the guarantee of equal pay, are just some of the general objectives included in our equality plan. It should be noted that Cermer has a team made up of 50% men and 50% women, an equal balance that extends to all departments, including management personnel.

Being inclusive, equal, and diverse helps in promoting innovation, adding new skills to our team and is key to Cermer’s long-term success.

Our environmental and social commitment

Investing in health and well-being

Cermer supports its surrounding community by being an official sponsor of the local Vila-real Triathlon Club since 2019. We support the sports club by financing the purchase of equipment for more than 100 athletes, some of them family members of our team. In this way, we expand our social commitment beyond the walls of our factories and offices. 
Our environmental and social commitment

Building a sustainable future together

At Cermer, we are committed to leaving future generations a world full of diverse resources like the one we inherited and to offering our customers a sustainable and environmentally friendly product. Our ceramic food containers are made from natural, inert and non-polluting materials and are a sustainable alternative for packaging. They can be reused many times over as kitchen or tableware. Once their long-life circle is over, ceramic ware waste can be used again for other purposes such as roads or other infrastructure. 
Our environmental and social commitment
Clay waste that is produced during the manufacture of our containers is reused as construction material or can be turned into mortars and paints for the sustainable architecture sector. In this way, ceramic chamotte becomes a new ally of bioconstruction, a new movement that is rediscovering the advantages of traditional and non-polluting materials by responding to a growing demand for natural materials whose production and handling have a low CO2 footprint.

We only work with natural clays, which are abundant in nature and are easy to extract from open-cast quarries that are then later transformed into wetlands, becoming natural sinks for carbon dioxide.

Our environmental and social commitment