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Summer in a bowl

With the arrival of summer: healthy, light and refreshing recipes uplift breakfasts on the balcony, snacks in the park or spontaneous dinners with friends during long summer nights. Forget about plates and discover the immense versatility of ceramic bowls to prepare and serve up delicious seasonal dishes.
Food in bowls can now be found just about anywhere and it is no secret that ceramic bowls have long become a must-have in our kitchens. Coming in all different sizes, colors and designs, these containers adapt to all kinds of ingredients to prepare and serve recipes in a comfortable and simple way.

Bowls are the perfect companions to combine fresh and healthy ingredients to create breakfasts, snacks, and dinners even during the busiest of days. They make your food pleasing to the eye, and you can easily take them to your favorite part of home, the balcony or why not to bed for a lazy Sunday brunch. So, get your bowls ready and be creative to make the most from the summer season.

Preparing and serving recipes in ceramic bowls makes you feel more attached to what you eat and enhances your emotional relationship with food.

Summer in a bowl

Eye-catching breakfast bowls

Although during the week we barely have enough time before starting our workday, breakfast for many people is the most important meal of the day. The ceramic bowl is the perfect choice to prepare a quick healthy breakfast and to treat yourself so that the day starts off in the best possible way. Yogurt, fruit, vegetables, cereals, or eggs. There are many ideas to prepare a go-to morning favorite in less than five minutes to boost your mood and kickstart your day.
Summer in a bowl
For berry lovers, combine rolled oats with some milk, chia seeds and blueberries and place strawberries and raspberries on top for a fresh summer porridge. Or just start with your favorite yogurt and pile everything you like on top of it: granola, slices of banana, honey, or dried fruit. If you have more time for a hearty breakfast that can also be easily turned into a delicious lunch, you can add to a base of cooked quinoa everything that the summer garden offers: cherry tomatoes, avocados, radishes or all kinds of aromatic herbs.

Breakfast bowls are easy to prepare and the best option for an energy-filled start to the day

Summer in a bowl

Healthy and balanced

The possibility of combining all kinds of food in a ceramic bowl leans towards creating unique dishes, bringing together all essential nutrients. The individually sized portions also allows for better control for a healthy and balanced diet: a base of raw leafy greens and vegetables, carbohydrates who provide quinoa, brown rice, millet or farro can be added to vegetable proteins such as avocado or seeds.

And for the customized food bowl to be a complete experience, you only have to add toppings of your choice and top off your creation with a delicious sauce. Why not try enhance your dinner bowl with a miso sauce made of miso paste, soy sauce, vinegar, lime and fresh ginger? There are plenty of options to discover that the secret is in the sauce. Food bowls are a must-try for this season in which you can enjoy in Cermer’s food containers. Happy summer days!

Kitchenware and tableware at the same time. Ceramic bowls allow you to prepare and enjoy healthy and nutritious dishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Summer in a bowl