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The HORECA Sector: Embracing Sustainability with CERMER Tableware

Delve deeper into how our collections for HORECA go beyond traditional tableware, serving as sustainable solutions that align with the sector's commitment to innovation and excellence. Discover how these collections can empower establishments to embrace a brighter, more sustainable future while achieving greater operational success.

A thriving sector

The HORECA sector, encompassing Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafes, has long been a dynamic and innovative force within the business world. Its ability to adapt to evolving customer preferences and embrace cutting-edge trends has made it a vital cornerstone of the global economy. As this sector continues to thrive, it constantly seeks innovative solutions that not only elevate the dining experience but also address pressing concerns related to sustainability and cost management.

The acronym HORECA, which stands for Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafes. It emerged in the 70s and 80s as a convenient way to classify businesses operating in these three distinct but interconnected sectors

The HORECA Sector: Embracing Sustainability with CERMER Tableware
At the forefront of this pursuit stands our distinctive collections designed specifically for HORECA establishments. These collections offer more than just aesthetically pleasing tableware; they represent a valuable complement to the sector's operational needs. 

Sustainable Solutions for the Sector

Hotels, restaurants, and cafes are known for their high consumption of energy, water, and food resources. To combat the negative environmental impact associated with this consumption, the adoption of sustainable practices has become increasingly important.
One pressing issue within the HORECA sector is the generation of substantial amounts of waste, encompassing everything from wasted food to excessive packaging. Addressing this challenge through efficient waste management techniques, such as reduction, reuse, and recycling, is essential to mitigate environmental damage.

And here is where our ceramic containers step in. CERMER tableware offer ideal portion control solutions. These containers help establishments manage their operational costs, reduce food waste, and ultimately enhance operational profitability.

Sustainability becomes both an ethical obligation and a competitive advantage for businesses in the sector.

The HORECA Sector: Embracing Sustainability with CERMER Tableware
The HORECA Sector: Embracing Sustainability with CERMER Tableware

CERMER Tableware Collections

At CERMER we offer three exceptional collections of ceramic containers tailored specifically for the HORECA sector. These collections seamlessly complement the tableware used in the hospitality industry, enhancing the overall dining experience for guests.
The Mediterranean Collection exudes warmth with its inviting shades of terracotta. This collection pays homage to the rich tradition of ceramic craftsmanship found in Mediterranean regions. The terracotta pieces not only serve as functional containers but also add an authentic and rustic touch to any dining setting.
The HORECA Sector: Embracing Sustainability with CERMER Tableware
For those seeking a modern and sophisticated aesthetic, CERMER presents the Contemporary Collection. This collection features a silky-smooth matt-black glaze that is meticulously applied to a carefully selected range of pieces. The result is a chic and stylish tableware collection that can gracefully enhance a wide variety of table settings, from fine dining establishments to trendy cafes.
In today's health-conscious and daring culinary landscape, the Fresh & Vibrant Collection offers a burst of color and versatility. This collection includes pieces in three different vibrant colors, perfect for presenting both healthy and daring culinary creations. Whether it's a colorful salad or a delectable dessert, these containers add a playful and inviting touch to the dining experience.
The HORECA Sector: Embracing Sustainability with CERMER Tableware

Seasonal Delights

As we embrace the enchanting ambiance of the pre-Christmas season, CERMER ceramic containers emerge as the quintessential choice for showcasing the artistry of seasonal delicacies imbued with a festive spirit. Picture, if you will, the allure of freshly baked biscuits, their golden surfaces adorned with glistening candied fruit and the earthy crunch of almonds. Or what about an indulgent serving of ice cream topped with currants and cinnamon? Our containers not only elevate the presentation of these treats but also contribute to a memorable dining experience that captures the spirit of the holiday season.

This festive season, consider CERMER tableware to elevate your culinary presentations and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

The HORECA Sector: Embracing Sustainability with CERMER Tableware