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The perfect picnic

It is still summer; the weather is good, and the days are long. There is no excuse not to organize a get-together with friends or family and enjoy a picnic. Here are some tips to make it a success!

Eating and picnicking outdoors

Summer is the best time to prepare your favorite dishes, surprise with your tableware and enjoy a picnic with your loved ones. This playful way of enjoying food has a long tradition. The word picnic, originally from the French pique-nique, appeared for the first time at the end of the 17th century. 

Since then, the concept has evolved a lot. Back in the day, a picnic was reserved for the upper class, which was contrary to the simple meals of peasants and served as a pretext for fun in the open air. Today everyone enjoys this custom which only requires three ingredients: a location in a green environment, great company and a little culinary imagination.
The perfect picnic

The preparation

Although there are not too many guidelines to follow when preparing a picnic, you do have to consider certain elements that cannot be overlooked. The staging is important, as well as the presentation of each delicacy accompanied by the right tableware. You are already halfway there if you follow these steps. Important! Also, avoid as much as possible all types of plastic or other unsustainable packaging. It is about enjoying food in harmony with nature. 
Let’s start with the basic utensils: a nice tablecloth or a sheet with a summer print to present every dish, cutlery if you are offering a recipe other than finger food, cloth napkins, glasses and a basket large enough to be able to transport everything to the chosen place. It is also advisable to use a cooler to keep drinks cool.

Our ceramic containers are conceived as tableware. They are oven, freezer and microwave safe and not to mention very resistant. Ideal companions for everyday use!

The perfect picnic
The right tableware
Now is the time to think about how to present and serve the dishes. It is important to keep in mind that it is an informal meal and that we are not sitting around a table. You usually enjoy different appetizers and dishes all at the same time, without a set order. Serving food in individual portions or offering dishes that are easy to share helps keep all guests comfortable.

With our ceramic jars, dishes and ramekins, you can create light and practical tableware when presenting your culinary creations. The only thing left is to think about the food and choose from endless ideas that will make your picnic unforgettable.
The perfect picnic
Refreshing recipes
Apart from the classics such as cut fruit, assorted sandwiches and appetizers such as olives or nuts, dips and spreads are ideal in giving an original and exotic touch to any menu. They are easy to prepare and enjoy with company. With goats cheese, garlic, fresh thyme and a little olive oil, you can make a refreshing dip. 

Or why not opt ​​for an Avocado and Hemp Pesto accompanied by freshly sliced vegetables? Whatever the recipe for your homemade dip or spread is, serving it in one of our eye-catching containers will make your picnic a complete experience. Are you ready for your next culinary adventure?
The perfect picnic