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A tailored experience

There are very few materials out there that possess the same transformation potential as ceramics. We want to invite you to explore the possibilities we offer at Cermer to create unique and personalized packaging.

A statement of purpose

The word customize means modifying something according to personal preferences and adapting something to our personal taste. The concept is more widely known in the fashion world. 

Customizing a shirt, skirt or any item of clothing is done with clear intent: to differentiate yourself from others and openly express our aesthetic convictions and values. For years, large fashion firms have offered their customers to customize their garments, thus creating a unique piece adapted to suit every personality.

We design personalized packaging that incorporates the personality and values of unique products.

A tailored experience
At Cermer, we don't think so differently. We believe that each product has its own personality that must be presented with packaging according to its characteristics. We wouldn’t go to a friend´s wedding looking unpresentable, therefore we wouldn´t substitute the use of a container for a sophisticated dessert for that of a substantial main course.

Our containers are packaging, kitchenware and tableware all in one. Surely no one would contemplate setting a Christmas table in the same way as an informal aperitif with friends. We are well aware that recipes and special occasions are so diverse that the customization process of our containers is a key element in our operations.
A tailored experience
We have extensive experience in the ceramic creation process both at a technical and design level. We are able to offer a wide range of solutions so that our clients can transmit the values ​​of their products through our packaging. As a result, the consumer experience is complete and lasting because our containers can be reused and enjoyed many times over. They are definitely expressions of a lifestyle.

The creation of a personalized container is a team effort respecting the wishes of our clients and the possibilities of a transformation that ceramics offer us.

A tailored experience
How do you create packaging that highlights the essence of a product? The answer: listening carefully to our customers. It is a very methodical process during which we guide our clients through the fascinating world of ceramics and its endless possibilities. 
In the first phase, our sales team becomes acquainted with the requirements needed to design a ceramic container for a specific product, bearing in mind the format, finish, color and possible engraving. The customer's wishes are then carefully studied with our R&D department as per Cermer's technical capabilities. Then different proposals are laid out and presented through technical drawings to select the best option. With the approved model, a first sample is then made in 3D to view the container´s details in the most realistic way possible. The last step is to manufacture a mold, the prototype, creating a final sample.
A tailored experience
The type of glazing and, if the client wishes, a personalized engraving, are other elements that make up a fully customized container. Behind each glazing color, meticulous research is carried out. Likewise, several tests are performed with different glazes, taking into account the technical limitations of ceramics, a natural raw material.

At Cermer, we create tailored experiences.

A tailored experience