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Collections that tell a story

Each of our collections revolves around a theme that manages to convey an inspirational story to the public and reflects our values through the colors, the material and the concept behind each collection.

The poetry of a landscape

The Mediterranean has been the home of European culture since the first civilizations set foot on our continent. On the shores of this sea, stories have taken place and continue to take place, which have influenced our way of thinking, our eating habits and have been the means of imparting our knowledge. Trade through the sea routes of the Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans brought great prosperity and facilitated the movement of products and the communication of wisdom between regions as far apart as Egypt and Spain. 
Collections that tell a story
The Mediterranean collection brings together pots that evoke calm and confidence. Its different shades of terracotta remind us of the freshness of the sea, the ancient culture and a healthy balanced lifestyle. Combined with the simplicity of its lines and its natural touch, this collection refers to one of Cermer's most important values: tradition. Its pieces tell the story about the origin of ceramics, paying homage to nature and crafts.

The culture and landscape of the Mediterranean are the mirrors in which our aesthetic values ​​are reflected

Collections that tell a story

Home sweet home

Our Home line is inspired by the warmth of home and its daily routines. This range of ceramic packaging colors is a cozy collection of shades, gradients and finishes. A selection of eye-catching designs adapted to the uniqueness of each product. This collection evokes traditional and handmade food, ideal for food prepared at home, in particular dairy products. The value of this collection lies in the idea of sharing memorable experiences in the most intimate setting of our daily routine: home.
Collections that tell a story

A collection that invites you to enjoy the product in the privacy of your own home

Refinement at its best

Ceramic has always served as an element of distinction. The Elegance line is a collection that conveys refinement and exclusivity through the use of sober colors and shapes. This sophistication applies not only to the ceramic packaging but also to its exquisite content. An elegant exterior that immediately reveals what the container carries. Ceramic packaging in dark blue, gray and gold shades. A fine collection that communicates quality in different shapes and sizes. Desserts, ready-to-eat products and other solutions for the food-service industry.
Collections that tell a story
The collections are created to provide the perfect container for each client. Cermer has an answer for every need and transforms them into versatile solutions. From essential and basic containers to the most avant-garde or seasonal collections, Cermer offers tailor-made solutions to suit any line of products

The exclusivity of a product is born with a unique and engaging presentation

Collections that tell a story