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It all starts with clay

Clay is present in nature. Water, soil, and sediment mix to transform into one of the most abundant raw materials. Since ancient times this modest material has been accompanying humankind. Still to this day, its potential to be transformed is inexhaustible. There is no doubt that clay has made a unique contribution to civilization, progress and culture on its own.

Clay, a sustainable material

Due to its natural origin and its components, clay is not only a sustainable material but also easy to recycle. Extracting clay from the soil is a process that has minimal impact on our environment. Combined with eco-friendly industrial practices, this makes clay one of the most harmless raw materials. The targets that we have set for ourselves to achieve and maintain sustainability are constant innovation and improvements in our extraction techniques. That’s why we are continuously seeking to minimize industrial treatments and unnecessary intermediate stages during the process. 
It all starts with clay
It all starts with clay

Warm, simple and honest. Clay is a pure raw material and an incredible gift of nature

As natural as Mother Earth

The life of clay begins in quarries, areas carefully selected not only for their properties but also to ensure minimal impact on the environment. A highly skilled team of professionals including engineers, technicians and specialists design the most effective extraction process to guarantee optimum performance.

It may seem obvious that this process today is entirely mechanized, but it hasn’t always been that way. As archaeological artifacts found on the Iberian Peninsula attest, in the past, clay had been extracted by hand. The Greeks introduced this natural resource in the 7th century BC, and its remarkable success is far from over. Up until today, clay has remained as one of the most compelling materials for construction, crafts, and of course, packaging
It all starts with clay
Clay is cut into large blocks which are then transported to Cermer’s facilities. It’s the moment when this shapeless and raw material undergoes the most fascinating transformation turning into an object capable of protecting food and protecting it over time

The history of clay reveals the history of humankind from the oldest civilizations to the present day

It all starts with clay

Sustainable packaging to safeguard the environment 

There is only one planet Earth, and it is up to us to take good care of it. There is also a lot we can do. We need to change the way we produce and consume and look for alternative materials. As an environmentally conscious company, we face the future by looking back to the past, recovering raw material and techniques that have been used for centuries. It is remarkable how they allow for innovation and sustainable development without harming our ecosystem.

Clay and its use as a material to package food is a step in the right direction to reduce the proportion of materials that cause detriment to our environment. Thanks to its natural characteristics and environmentally friendly industrial treatments, our containers meet the highest standards in sustainable packaging solutions. Clay is key to our future and a symbol of respect for our planet. 

Clay is environmentally sustainable, and its use contributes to reducing the use of materials that are harmful to nature and those that have a shorter life cycle

It all starts with clay