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Veganism: Food for thought

All over the world, more people than ever are opting for a plant-based diet. More than western culture or a fad, following a vegan diet is a deeply personal choice that improves our well-being and that of our planet. Our new vegan line pays tribute to a lifestyle that is here to stay.

A philosophy of life

Although there are references that date back to Ancient Greece, veganism has officially existed since 1944 with the founding of a newsletter, `The Vegan News´ originally published by The Vegan Society, the oldest vegan society in the world. Seventy-six years later, this movement has proven to be unstoppable. A recent study by market intelligence firm Numerator states that 80% of US consumers want to replace their diet in its entirety or are willing to try other plant-based meat alternatives. The Economist magazine christened 2019, the year of veganism at a time when 12% of all adults in the UK declared themselves vegetarian or vegan.
To understand the phenomenon, one must understand its philosophy based on its respect for animals, in which they deserve to live free from harm or suffering. It is an ethical position where it questions man´s destructive actions and seeks to reconcile with nature. Choosing a vegan lifestyle, therefore also implies a commitment to the environment. The meat industry contributes significantly to global warming through the production of methane. Some studies estimate that global veganism could remove sixteen years’ worth of carbon emissions by 2050. Consumers and their ever-increasing awareness towards living healthier lifestyles alongside contributing to a better world in which to live have resulted in veganism becoming a lucrative market and a force to be reckoned with. 

Living a more sustainable life is everyone’s goal and making kinder choices impacts us all.

Veganism: Food for thought

A world to discover

Vegan diets not only prevent disease and help control excess weight but are also increasingly delicious and nutritious. In the past, the exclusion of meat, fish, eggs and dairy caused tension when planning our daily meals. Nowadays, consumers can choose from endless alternatives to savor food without depleting natural resources. Seitan, tofu, lentils, beans or wild rice; our plant kingdom is rich in proteins that allow us to experiment with recipes and varied flavors. The food market has evolved in response to the needs of consumers who see unprecedented creative potential in a vegan diet. People are more and more turning to plant-based ready meals following rising health and environmental awareness. 
Veganism: Food for thought
Vegans don't even have to skip dessert anymore, being able to buy tasty recipes in supermarkets such as a dairy-free cheesecake or a vegan chocolate orange mousse, just to name a few. There is no doubt that vegan living isn’t just a fad, there will be many more products to come on the horizon.

It has never been easier to go vegan with so many plant-based foods on the market.

Veganism: Food for thought
Veganism: Food for thought

Our new green vegan line

To help get our clients as excited as we are about vegan food and the benefits it holds, we have created a new line of containers for vegan recipes. By no coincidence, our ceramics are environmentally friendly and sustainable, these go hand-in-hand with this lifestyle. Vegans not only consciously choose where their food comes from but also care about the conditions in which each product has been produced. Our packaging ticks all the boxes. 
Accompanying food that has been prepared under the premise of well-being and ethical commitment alongside a container that shares the same values is the best way to enhance the value of any product. At Cermer, we are convinced that our new vegan line will not only preserve and promote a wide range of vegan products but will also increase brand loyalty amongst eco-friendly consumers.
Veganism: Food for thought

Let’s build together a sustainable future today.