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Our team: the soul of Cermer

Cermer would not be the same without our team. Thanks to our employees, we can fulfill our responsibilities every day, seek excellence and pay attention to the finer details, which has made our clients trust us. Get up close and personal with the people who make Cermer!

A team committed to our clients

From the moment a customer places their trust in us to create the perfect packaging up until the product is visible on the supermarket shelf, many people contribute their experience and know-how to make an initial idea come true. From the R&D Team to the Maintenance Department, through to Marketing and Production Processes, our staff are made up of versatile people who actively participate in the creation of solutions and improvements to provide the best service to our customers.

We collaborate with and rely on our team to achieve their goals and by creating tailor-made solutions.

Our team: the soul of Cermer

Nacho Ribes, our Maintenance Hero

What would a manufacturing plant be without maintenance? The one who can best answer this question is Nacho Ribes, who is in charge of ordering, cleaning and replenishing materials necessary for our two independent plant´s operation. "My mission is to know where everything is and to ensure that nothing is missing so that my colleagues can carry out their work."
Nacho has been part of the Cermer family since March 2018 and is originally from Benlloch, a small town in the province of Castellón. It is no coincidence that he works in the sector because he has learned all he can about the region's ceramic tradition from his father, who has been working in tile manufacturing for more than 30 years. Communication with his colleagues from other departments is essential. The more knowledge he has about the production process such as enameling, pressing or baking, the better he can anticipate maintenance needs. "Anticipating means that we can meet the deadlines that we have promised our clients."

"I feel part of Cermer and I am proud to be part of the bigger picture.”

Our team: the soul of Cermer
Our team: the soul of Cermer

Mari Carmen Colonques, a voice of experience

Ensuring that only perfect ceramic pots leave the factory is the job of Mari Carmen Colonques, who, along with her attention to detail, detects any flaws that can occur throughout the manufacturing process. She has been doing this for 20 years. “Although I have been with the company for a long time, I try to improve myself every day. It's quite straightforward: If I try to do my job as well as possible, our clients will also be happy.”
What makes Mari Carmen proud most of all, is working for a company committed to the environment. “We do not pollute the environment. This is our land and we need to be respectful.” Mari Carmen assures that she is a tireless supporter of recycling at home and of reusing. At her place, containers have a second life for serving snacks or storing kitchen utensils.
Everything she knows about ceramics she has learned at Cermer, although admitting that she has an obsession that goes back a long way. Mari Carmen is a passionate collector of ceramic owls and is the proud owner of almost a thousand pieces.

We take care of our environment, we adapt every step of our manufacturing process in an eco conscious way.

Our team: the soul of Cermer

Moving towards the digitization in hand with Guillem Cabedo

To keep Cermer's manufacturing plants running smoothly, we have many professionals who work tirelessly behind the scenes. Cermer is in the process of internal digitization that has completely revolutionized the management and access to all information generated at both a sales and production level.
Guillem, who works in the Purchasing Department, has significantly contributed to implementing new digital systems. For Guillem, it is an achievement that he is especially proud of because "it allows us to analyze all data in real-time, which helps us detect possible faults and to establish constant correction techniques."
One of Guillem's passions is traveling. While on his travels, it is not unusual for him to come across one of Cermer's containers. On his last trip to Italy, he was served a drink where one of our pieces was placed on the table as a coaster. "I knew immediately what model it was. It was such a special moment because you are involved in its creation from the moment it was just a clay pill." As the person in charge of managing raw materials, Guillem knows perfectly the production process and how a block of clay can transform into something as perfect as a Cermer container.
Regardless of how our professionals bring their experience and know-how to Cermer, they are all aware that their excellence positively impacts our clients and our corporate culture.
Our team: the soul of Cermer